How to Celebrate National Grilling Month this July

Dated: July 13 2023

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It’s fitting that July is designated as National Grilling Month. During summer, people are eager to get outside and enjoy the sun. This is an ideal time to enjoy a good barbecue and spend time with friends and family!


We often find ourselves at the beach, in the water, or even floating down a river to cool off. A portable grill is a great way to bring home a variety of hot meals. Also, more people cook outside to keep their homes from getting too hot.


We've gathered some of our favorite tips to celebrate National Grilling Month in the best using your grill! Keep reading for some tips for celebrating this summer!


Maintain Your Grill

Grills are an investment for your home and cooking interests! It's essential to clean your grill thoroughly before and after using it. Doing so will keep it looking its best and remove any residue you may have left after cooking. Simply start by removing any charcoal and ash residue. Use a scraper to clean grates, use rags and oil to prevent rusting, and don't forget to wipe down the outside with soapy water or special grill cleaners. 


Try Something New

Try new recipes and develop a new approach to grilling. This will help remind you of how versatile a grill can be! Unfortunately, many of us tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking what we know. National Grilling Month is a perfect chance to try something new! For instance, have you ever tried making kabobs with shrimp or vegetables, or are you hesitant to try them? 


Find What Else Your Grill Can Do

You can learn how to use your grill as a smoker or reverse grill a steak - you can even use your grill to bake sweet treats! Baking desserts on the grill allows you to enjoy delicious desserts without needing the oven. Cooking outside will remove the electricity you use to power your stove and keep your house cool.

This month is ideal for people to enjoy great food prepared using the grill. Enjoy music and games. Invite your friends and family over to celebrate your grilled delights this summer! How do you plan to celebrate? 

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